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Webtoonist Interview

vol. 49

[Love Revolution]

232 | Line


Warm up catch up talk



Q. It's been closed for two months, hasn't it? Did you take some break?

A. It's already an old story...(Laugh) Two months have passed really quickly, but I did not take a good rest. 

Q. Then what have you done?

A. I've done some backlogs. Emoticons, and books. The sixth and seventh books were about to be published, but the closure was coming to an end. It took me 15 days to organize the story as a whole, and I went up to Seoul for business meetings several times. My mom told me if it wasn't for you to close then when I can go on a family trip, so I went to Jeju Island to collect data since there was a story to write with the background of Jeju Island.


Q. Isn't that a business trip, not a trip?

A. Well, that's what it is. I thought I was throwing up when I was climbing up Seopjikoji to collect the photo data because I was so tired.


Q. What is your work schedule like?

A. I open my eyes and until close my eyes. My eyes open early, but I try hard to sleep late. I couldn't stand it while I was working on the closing day. When I woke up from sleep, "Wow, I am screwed" only the writers would know how I felt. I always eat in front of the monitor.

Q. Do you usually not sleep?

A. What are you talking about? When I was in high school, If I saved late fee then I could turn pizza on single floor and that much I always overslept. Once, no matter how many times my friend called me to wake me up so my friend came up on the balcony and woke me up and went to school. The floor was low, so it was possible with only a ladder. He's a good friend, but he was a little scared. From that time I always lock the balcony door. I can sleep all day long if I want to.


Q. Do you have any music that you play when you work?

A. I like music, so I listen to hip-hop, POP,K-POP, new age and classical music. The list of songs I listen to varies widely depending on the episode of the work. When I work on cute and comic episodes usually listen to idol songs, and when story gets serious then mostly listen to classical music, new age, and calm songs or when I work on the character's monologue. but I casually like to listen hip-hop.

In other cases, "Tooji" sung by Min Kyung-hoon of "Buzz" and "Jilpungado" by Yoo Jeong-seok. Playing this song means 'late' or 'emergency'. I turn it on really loud to be awake. When this song is played, no one in my family touches me and cheers me up from far away. (Laugh)


Q. Do you have any cartoon you usually like to watch?

A. These days, I've been running an old comic book. Recently, I watched The Bangga Bangga Hamtori. The story of a hamtory falling into a truck was about looking for home, but it was more emotional than it was.  Other old dramas, old entertainment shows, and a steadily rehashing movie is a comic thriller called "Shaun of the dead". Killing part is a scene in which the main characters hit the zombie rhythmically with the zombie in the middle as music is playing in a serious situation. It's funny to think it over again.(Laugh) The song from that time is still on my playlist. That is "Don't stop me now".


YES or NO Interview


1. I will draw a cartoon even if I am born again.


No, I do not think so


2. These days, I feel my strength has been reduced while working.

YES. Quite so. Not like the old days. Because of uncomfortable hands, the speed of work is very slow and the picture ability is not so good, so I always work at the limit. I used to play, but I don't really care about painting. But as it becomes a job and has more readers, I have more to care about.

It's much weaker now than it used to be.


- How do you manage your health?


Take one pill a day. I'm drinking a cup of red ginseng and juice. I don't exercise. I don't like it.

Let's get started with a friend recently talking about yoga. I'm just thinking.


-  You seem very skinny

(Firmly) NO. In this case, I gained weight from "Lee Kyung Woo Episode". I was very stressed out then. I didn't eat more than usual, but I got fat.  Drinking a lot of energy drinks also seems to be the cause. Now I've changed to coffee now.


3. To be honest, your cartoon is the funniest.

Bhahahahahaha (laughs continued for about five minutes)

-Stop laughing and answer.

How do I answer this? Even if I say no, I think I'm making up my image. If I say yes, Isn't it arrogant? so It's "NOS" (NO+YES).


4. You think you will have another job in 10 years.


-Any job that you are thinking of?

Monthly rental business....

-Isn't that a dream for all Koreans? Do you think it's possible?

It's my dream too.


5. You are not a human figure when you work all night.

NO...How could it not be a human being? Of course, it's different me when I go out.

6. I am a daughter who is filial to my parents.

(Directly) YES.

-How does it work?

My mom does all the bank account work. She goes on a trip with her friends and often goes out to play. At first, she saw her daughter suffer and asked me how I would play, but I asked her to do so. I like my mom to play She used to have a lot of hardship... This isn't emotional play. And I am the most winsome person in the house. Older brother and younger brother are unfriendly of unfriendly. My mom likes cute person.


7. There has been a slump recently.

YES. It was really hard for Hanbyul to get a sense of it after the story. To be honest, slump comes every time you go into a long story. These days, the tendency to be perfectionist is also getting worse or obsessive compulsive disorder. I have to show readers what's right for this job. I was exhausted and in a slump after working so hard. If you see the painting flying then it means there's something wrong with my body or that equipment is weird (Laugh)


8. You have your own way of relieving stress.

YES. Oh, I used to talk to my friend on the phone, but now it doesn't work.

-You have to spend some money.

I used to shop a lot, but now I don't do much.

-Don't you watch TV?

Nowadays I watch ,but I'm sure It is ended when this interview will broadcast.

-Don't you watch dramas?


9. Sometimes You feel like cartoon characters are real people.

I'm NO, but... Some readers feel that way. They think it's going to exist somewhere.

Sometimes, when the weight of my comic book increases, the description of the character becomes more detailed, and in the process, the character often gets abused. The characters seem to be because they even show ideas that we haven't taken out (Laugh) I like it more humane. People don't have all the advantages. Perhaps that's why the characters of the Love Revolution are sympathetic or friendly. Because I can see 2% lack. 


10. You are lonely these days.


-This reaction seems YES.

Oh, I don't have time to be lonely, I'm so busy.


11. As you get older, you get a distance from teenager's feeling.

YES. The most difficult thing to express is emotion. The idea that children of that age can make. I can't help that. Well, I can't help but draw on my memory because I don't have a teenager around. (Laugh) The way I talk to my friends is just like the way characters talk to the children. I still have a friend who call 'Nim, Nim'. School atmosphere is not too difficult when I change popular items because it is the same as the old days.

12. It is a burden on the work to be carried out after the love revolution.

No. I hope my body and soul endure the end of the Love Revolution.

-You got it all figured out by the end?

Isn't that obvious? I'm more than half the story now.



vs Interview

1. Teens vs. Twenties


Definitely teens. It was much more fun. When I was in my 20's, I had only a series of memories of writing Love Revolution. From late teens to early twenties, it was the funniest.


2. Wang Jarim vs. Gong Juyeong


Oh, don’t do this kind…


- Answer please. 


Oh, by the way, honestly, I have set the point of view of Love Revolution itself as Juyeong's. (Babbling) I like and love all the characters I've made.


- Answer. Quick. 


Oh my god…I’ll say one thing. Thanks, Juyeong.


3. playing push-pull type vs. straightforward


How should I answer this question? Sometimes straightforward, sometimes push-pull. To put it bluntly, I should say push-pull type. 


4. For dating, someone senior vs. someone junior


Junior. But I’ll consider until someone who is 3 years junior, not more than that. 


5. Simpson vs. Mickey Mouse


Simpson. I like those kinds of black comedy. Above all, I love the cartoon’s color. 


6. Jajangmyeon(black-bean-sauce noodles) vs. Jjamppong


Jajangmyeon. Stir-fried jjajang, if at all.


7. Always home vs. Shopping


Shopping. By the way, I just love going out. 


- What do you usually do when you get out?


I enjoy some of cultural activities and then go for drinking. 


8. Romance vs. Horror






Q. ‘Gong Juyeong’ is based on a live model? Who is it?


I knew I would be asked this question. Well, there is a live model, but I only took motif of that person’s personality and behavior. His appearance is entirely different. He is an athlete.  


- Does your friend know that he is a motif of ‘Gong Juyeong’?


Yes, he knows. He seems he is proud of himself, but I would like to underline that his face is not the same as Gong Juyeong. He is not cute. 


Q. The behind story of naming ‘Gong Juyeong’ and ‘Wang Jarim’?


I have to admit that I’ve twisted the cliché of Romance story. So, the naming ideas are lifted from Gong ju(princess) and Wang ja(prince). I’ve told this in another interview that even if you do not enjoy romance cartoon, you can naturally think of frequent setting for a heroine and a hero. A strong and steady heroine who is a lively and ordinary character and a good-looking hero who is a cold-hearted character with his own behind story. And I switched this setting of a heroine and a hero. 

Q .You are in your twenties but what is the reason of drawing teenage romance? It’s not even school day story, it’s a love story. 


I like to feel nostalgic, and I like to share the same feelings and laugh out... I want to draw those pleasant memories because I liked my teens. And isn't it fun? The love of students is the true love of 'the end of the century.' When you're in a relationship in school uniform, you won't feel mannerism that you might encounter in an adult relationship.


Q. There are many stories about one-sided love.


It happened to be like that. It's also the most common type of love that everyone has ever experienced.  

Well, romance begins from secret crush, doesn't it? As we get to know each other, we get better. Sometimes, it just ends in unrequited love, especially in school days.

I had a friend who was suffering from unrequited love, and at that time, I'd say, "Talk to that person and be closer if you like him." And I tried to help my friend, but she refused my suggestion. I was too frustrated of her passive attitude at that time. 

In contrast, I have a memory of me estranged from the person whom I liked because I was too straightforward and active with my emotion. (Laughs) This enlightening and shameful episode is still a laughingstock. The ideal type of that boy was a girl who is shorter than him and behaves modestly. My height at that time was 170. Well, I should have realized why he always tried to sit whenever he came nearby me.


Q. Please give us a little hint on what’s going to happen.  


In Hanbyul's story, there were many readers who were frustrated with the conflict between Jarim and Juyeong. There were a lot of 

comment such as why there is the conflict, and wanting more cute moments of them rather than a fight. But from the beginning until now, the relationship between two does not seem even, doesn't it? Jarim seems higher image than Juyeong till now. This episode will be a turning point. There can be no conflict between men and women. Juyeong and Jarim are both inefficient because they are young and inexperienced in relationship.


Q. Also give us some hint about the story of other characters besides main couple


I am satisfied that Hanbyul's story is a subject that I really wanted to deal with. In addition to that, the relationship between Minji and Sanghun, Minji's unrequited love, Aram's story, Lee Kyung-woo's point of view, who took off gum and Kimite(motion sickness release medicine), Girls' Relationship, and foreshadows that viewers know will become more and more interesting. A lot of fun is coming up with no break, so please enjoy. Of course, for those who like the story of going out and having daily conversation, I'm going to add some of them, considering the plot and its pace.


Q There has been controversy of romanticizing clique in < Lee Kyung-woo’s episode>


The question seems "Why did I draw the story in clique's point of view? I think that's the issue, but first of all, I'd like to make it clear that I never intended to glorify the group. Honestly, if you force morality by unconditionally assuming clique as a bad thing, saying "This should not go there because it's bad," you will only get a strong image of comics as comics, and you will not realize anything from it. On the other hand, there's a saying, "By other's faults wise men correct their own." I think it's right to put yourself in one's shoes and watch the ending of the story.

 <각각, sunflower(4) "최한별의 자살시도" , 이경우 에피소드(15) "이경우의 악몽">

The purpose of the episode was to put viewers in the shoes of characters such as Choi Han-byul who was a victim of school violence-related episode, and Lee Kyung-woo who was a bully. Also, I wanted the viewers to further consider what had made these children gone wrong. We should not ignore the impact of house and the surrounding environment.


Q. What was the most impressive comment?


I can't think of anything... sometimes I mention some of the jokes that make me really laugh out in author's words. Also, it is fun to see readers reasoning among themselves. Sometimes I find some comments really interesting and fresh, making me think 'wow, I haven't thought of it.' Love Revolution is not a mystery cartoon but there are quite lots of comments about it.(laughs)

Q. What is the best thing has given to you, 232 and the one taken from you? 


I earned money and honor. What was taken away from it is my..youth? health? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...


- Well, you are still young


I'll be almost in my late 20s when it's over. Ha... I believed in myself as a non-fatty type and i had no doubt about it. But now all my old pants don't fit, so I only wear rubber striped pants these days. My eyesight also went down a lot. Originally, it was 2.0 and 1.5, but it fell to 0.8.

Q. Have you ever imagined what you would be doing after you've drawn the last episode of and sent it?


232% of the chance, I would be going out for a drink.


- You don’t think you are going to cry?


I might be touched by reading the viewer's reactions after the last episode is uploaded.

Q. Throughout the interview, I could see the hardship as a writer. But what if I say something to those who dream of becoming webtoon writers like you, 232?


Managing mental health and condition is essential. Especially, mental health. Not everyone is not going to like my cartoons. Blames should be dismissed and criticism should be accepted to some extent. And if you do not think 'there is no other way I can do other than drawing cartoons and I love drawing cartoons,' you'd better think again. Anyway, good luck!



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