Webtoonist interview - Gaechaban <Role playing Game Cartoon>

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Webtoonist Interview


[Role playing Game Cartoon]

Gaechaban | Lezhin

1. Introduction & Perspective for games


Q. Please introduce yourself briefly.

A. Hellow, I’m Gaechaban, who is publishing role playing game cartoon in Lezhin Comics. 



Q. How did you become a webtoon author? Especially, how was your growth process (childhood / adolescence)?

A. I didn’t like studying so much since elementary school, so I did something else in the class. But what I could do effectively without being noticed was drawing cartoon. When I scribbled something on the notebook, it looked like I was studying, so I could pretend to be studying. And even teachers, who already did I was doing, said ‘you are very good at drawing~’. I felt grateful for them and I thought it is my job. 


Q. What made you decide to become a cartoonist?

A. Actually, there was no special event I decided to do that. I just uploaded my cartoon on the internet and viewers talked about my cartoon through the comments. It was very fun to me. It is not fun doing anything alone, but comments from views were quite good to me. So I thought it would be fun if more people read my cartoon. I just had such thinking. 


Q. How did you make your debut?

A. I uploaded the cartoon every one or two days on the Ruliweb and fortunately, PD of Lezhin Comics contacted me… After that, I can’t have good items in the game kit. I think my life’s luck has already consumed at that time. 


Q. Gaechaban, your pen name is quite unique. What does it mean?

A. There are two stories about the name. 

First, I usually played the game as cooperative game with fixed members, but once I played PVP… and I found that members were not good even though I was quite good. My physical was very (?) good, but when I looked back, other members were dead. So I lost my shit to them and gave them a beating like ‘Do you have just one finger?’, or ‘Why do you die so fast?’. Then members called me ‘Chaban (meaning bogan)!!

They said that I’m playing the game like bogan… that is why I’m using this name bb

Another story is that in fact, my nick name in high school was that. My surname is Cha. At that time, friends called be as Chabaksa~ (meaning Dr. game) and it was changed to Chabak, Chabab and finally to Chaban. And they said “Chaban has a foul temper when plays a game like dog (Gae). Gaechaban!”. So my pen name became Gaechaban. Actually, I don’t have a foul temper when I play a game (really.). But I like this pen name. 

Other people call me as “Gaejakga (Jakga means author). It’s fun. ^^


Q. If you don’t mind, can I ask about your nickname?

A. It’s quite a shame…. But people call me as Joru (meaning praecox). ㅠㅠ They made this nickname because I used to disappear without completing the cartoon when I publish them on Ruliweb....Hing...ㅠㅠ


Q. I’ve heard you have a lot of fandom on the internet.

A. ㅋㅋㅋ There is no… such fandom.


Q. I think you should like games so much to draw these kinds of cartoons. Could you tell me about your game history?

A. Since childhood, when I was a kindergartener… I liked studying the most. Ha. Ha. Ha. ^^;;

There are so many games I played in elementary, middle and high school and university, and I will tell you about the main games I played the most…

‘The Legend of Darkness’, ‘Mabinogi’ and ‘QPLAY’ (it was QuizQuiz at that time) was the game I played in the elementary school, but ‘The Legend of Darkness’ is the most memorable one. There are so many fun stories about these games, but it would be fun for only those who know this game. 

I paid the account of ‘The Legend of Darkness’ with mom’s phone and got a scolding from her… At that time, I developed a Moodoga. Maybe I liked the close hand-to-hand fight since then. 

When I was in middle school, I liked Mabinogi. Because this game was allowed for those who are over 12 years old, so I waited until I became 12 and joined as a member when I was exactly 12. But I couldn’t because I entered the school early, so I wasn’t 12. 

So, I waited until I became a middle school student and finally started to play Maginobi. It was really fun… At this time, phone bill was huge. ㅋㅋㅋ

When I was in high school, I played S4 League. It is a game of gun and sword fight and there is a rule like football called touchdown mode, which to pick up the ball and rush into the opposing team’s main field to win. 

I usually played the map called Station 2. I dreamed to become a gunner of legendary rail gun, but I couldn’t. So I played another game called Cyphers. I’ve been played Cyphers until I was in university, and then I played Blade & Soul. Ah, this game was so amazing. So, I didn’t go to school, instead I went to PC room to play it. 

And then I played Maple Story and Maginogi again… I even played Mabinogi Heroes. I played almost every new game at that time. Since Cyphers, I drew a pen cartoon about the game I played and people who played together liked it. I thought ‘Huh?! Game cartoon is quite fun. Drawing game cartoon is really fun to me~’. 



<   Figure. Best games author played in elementary, middle and high school.

- From the left to clockwise direction, Maple Story 1, Quizquiz, Mabinogi, The Legend of Darkness, S4, Cyphers 


Q. If you choose the best game for you?

A. Maple Story 1

There were 6 full levels. When I was level 200, there were 6 full levels for Bishop, Evan, Dual Blade, Demon Slayer, Phantom and Marksman. At that time, new character called Xenon was made and I had to achieve at least 600… I paid for it with gift voucher and phone sneakily to prepare… When I heard that there was Xenon and I entered the game to check it. But it was empty, and it couldn’t even be restored ㅠㅠ… because I was not the person directly involved… Restore was impossible. It seemed as though the world was caving… My mind was just completely blown. I’ve played that game since when I was 2nd grade in elementary school and I was college student at that time… at that tiem… 6 characters were all emptied. It was really, meltdown.. meltdown… ㅠㅠ On that day, I was so angry, so I drank whole bottle of Valentine liquor. I vomited… it was mess. ㅠㅠ I couldn’t restore it after all. This experience reflected in . I hated my mom who said ‘It is good. Just study this time’ at that time. The reply from the game company showed in season 1 or 2 was exactly same what I got replay from NEXON. I was really furious and felt the sky is falling… Whenever I read it, I got angry… I made the lines by reflecting my feeling at that time, but PD asked me to adjust expression intensity, so I modified it. ㅋㅋㅋ

I was a child who liked to stay at home. 

When I had level 176 for Maple Story, schoolmates from other class visited to me and said ‘Wow~ Wow~’. I was quite proud of myself. ㅋㅋㅋ At that time, the game was hard enough to just increase about 0.5 experience by playing for 3 hours. 


Figure. Games author is playing these days – From the above, PAYDAY2, GTA5, Minecraft

 Q. What game are you playing these days?

A. Game what I’m playing! I’ve played almost all kinds of online games. So, I play Steam game these days such as PAYDAY2, GTA5… Minecraft, Terraria, Starbound, etc. I’m enjoying Sandbox games these days. Good think about the fact I’m an author of webtoon is that I can play any games I want without hesitating. It is really good. It is more fun to buy and dress my character than to buy my own clothes. 

Q. There is a webtoon titled Eureka. I think it is the initial game cartoon in Korea. Do you like it? 

A. I really like Eureka. There was Jjeuggureu RPG game titled Lost Saga, which was made based on Eureka game. I like that game, too. The level of difficulty… since I was young at that time, I remember it was difficult. 


Figure. Eureka by authors Son Hee-jun and Kim Yun-gyeong!! It was completed with 41 books for 14 years!!! Pioneer work of game cartoon in Korea!!



Figure. made based on the games from Eureka


Personally, I liked the system called guardian. Guardian in the game, which is an immortal world, creates perishable existence through NPC. So, it naturally reflects tension of ‘it shouldn’t be dead’ and I liked this part. 

I’ve heard that Sword Art Online is similar. But I think it is because they are the similar genre. 

Q. It is quite funny question, but what’s interesting about the game?

A. Hmm. I think it is good to see my skill is developing. Especially, I like to see my character growing… The weaker I become in reality, the stronger the character in the game… Sometimes I think that it is ok to be weak in the real word only if the I, who is in the game, become stronger. Just like it’s better to buy clothes for characters than buying for me… Am I serious? I really love spending money in the games… ㅋㅋ

And when there are new kits released, it is fun to open it even though I don’t get any good one. I once had hard time because I didn’t have enough money to cover my living expenses since I spent too much money on them. I don’t know why anyone didn’t stop me… Boohoo. ㅠㅠ 

And I like to do something together. It is a lot of fun to work together to find a ways to attack and solve something that seemed impossible. Joy and cheer I feel when solving something!!! But, I have to stand mom’s saying of “Be quiet!”. 



2. Role Playing Game cartoon


Q. I will ask you about the cartoon.^^ Could you please tell me how you started to work? Kind of debut process? I’ve already know that you transferred from Ruliweb. 

A. At first, I thought that ‘Wow, game cartoon that began like this would be very fun!. So, I just uploaded it on the Twitter. It was re-twitted and people said that it is very fund.

I was very exciting and uploaded season 2 and 3. But since I uploaded it on Twitter, it was quite hard to read from season 1. From that time, I started to upload on Ruliweb. The reason I uploaded here was that the community I knew was Ruliweb and I liked it the most. At that time, I didn’t even think that I can be a cartoonist, so I didn’t imagine NAVER challenge cartoon. But Changmangae members of Ruliweb got more interested in my cartoon and more comments were uploaded… I was very excited and I uploaded one or two pieces of cartoon a day, or sometimes one cartoon in two days… Then, PD of Lezhin Comics contacted me…. 

At that time, I though it is my fate. I really wanted to play game titled Guilty Gear, but I didn’t have Play Station. So, I thought ‘Wow, it is the message from the Heaven!’ and I told him ‘Thank you!’ 


Q. I think the theme of your cartoon is like MMORPG such as Mabinogi and Lineage. But I don’t think you benchmarked only one game. What kind of games do you usually refer to draw cartoon? 

A. The main games are of course Ultima Online and Mabinogi. Skills are affected by Maple Story. Main characters used a lot of buffs, right? In Maple Story, more than 10 buffs are used when raiding the boss. It looks cool to me. 

In general, affected skill is Resurrection. It is a skill of the fourth cleric in Maple Story. In fact, it is almost useless, but cool.  


Q. It know it is RPG (Role Playing Game) and it is the world of this webtoon, but I think there would be opinions to make other title… Do you have any specific reason to title the game as ?

A. I didn’t really have any idea when making title. Ah, since the main character is RPG, I just thought that RPG Game Cartoon would be good. With just the title, people will know that this cartoon is about gaming. But as it became regular cartoon, PD said that since RPG means role paying game, it can be interpreted as role playing game game cartoon. I didn’t think that much when I made the title, but he was right. I liked it because it felt like a little lack. After all, it became Role Playing Game cartoon. 


Q. The main character was deeply disappointed by co-worker who played game together, left the game for 2 years and returned after all. 

ㅎㅎㅎ Is it your own experience? Or any other’s experience? If both are not, how did you come up with this idea? 

A. In fact, I didn’t have any idea for the beginning part… Many people say that ‘I didn’t think about it’. I just drew this cartoon since I thought this kind of cartoon would be fun without thinking much. But if I put the cut which main character got angry, it would seem to have certain story, making the cartoon more fun. So, I just added this cut, but later, I didn’t have any idea on this. I kept thinking why the main character got so angry, and it was the human relations after all. Some people may be interested in the game itself by playing MMORPG, but some others prefer the relationship in the game. I belong to latter. So, I decided to have story about conflict of human relations. 


 Q. In the webtoon, there are two modes for playing game. They are virtual mode (Espera mode) and PC mod. Virtual mode is a concept that wears VR head gear while bubbling in the water. 

It is a common scene we can see in SF cartoon or movie. Are there any actual device you referred to? I don’t think the main character can breathe. ㅋㅋㅋ How about detailed setting? The virtual mode… if several people use the water together, it could be dirty and there may be germs… ^^;; It looks like they are playing in PC room or something. If there is no actual device, could you please explain about the virtual mode? ^^

A. I got a motif from water that doesn’t get wet and Perfluorodecalin, a fluid we can breathe. 

The bubbling in the virtual device is to supply oxygen to the liquid through bubble generator. When the virtual mode device is opened, the liquid comes out. Once used, liquid is discarded and replaced with a new liquid, and it continues supplying nutrients. Head gear wearing on the head detects the brain wave, shows the screen and allows us to talk. One of the most common mistakes beginners of virtual make is that they actually move their body. So, the glasses of the device are very hard. If you go inside and wear head gear, liquid is filled up after air shower and sterilization…

I thought like this. In fact, such setting was thought by myself, alone and I just enjoyed it. I even thought that such machine would be developed in near future. I just created liquid cylindrical device since I thought virtual reality machine in near future would be a liquid. Ah, one more miscellaneous setting is that if you want to go to toilet, you should drain off the water, go to toilet and go back to the device again. ㅋㅋㅋ

Figure. Virtual Mode (Espera mode) in


 Q. Coloring changes to a green / brown / black tone since the middle part, unlike the beginning. Were there any internal changes? 

A. I planned to use simple color at first. But as I drew the cartoon, I wanted to make more colorful, so I added this color and that color… and then I found that it would be mess. So, I colored the clothes of main and minor characters with black. 

Now, I have assistant who colors the cartoon, so I’m gradually adding one color each. For example, the eye color of female character and Tainan were recently added. 


Q. How about the ages of main characters? I don’t think they are older than 2nd grade of high school… 

A. Exact age is secret.


Q. Guild battle develops with relatively complex form. I can expect that when two guilds are battling, if one party gives the castle easily, the other party builds the castle using money and the party takes it back again. 

Are these complicated stories and plots going on in real games? What are some of the most amazing stories you ever see? Please tell me best three stories. 

A. Ah, there are so many stories, so I don’t know what to write first. Some of them are experienced by me directly or indirectly and some are heard from others. 

Among them, the best one was Bartz liberation war of Lineage. It was very famous event. Ah, it was really fun… I will tell you about it briefly. It is a war occurred in Bartz server. There was a blood allies called Dragon Knights, which was a huge one.  

Users in all servers gathered in Bartz server and created Bartz allies to defeat Dragone Knights. It was really big event. It is legendary one for me. What’s interesting was that users in all server created new character in Bartz server and participated in the allies. The ending was a little bit sad, but I think it was the most impact war among wars that could happen in the game. 

Figure. Screenshot of Bartz Liberation War of Lineage



The second one is the story when I played Blade & Soul. It was not that huge compared to Bartz Liberation War. There are two forces, Murimmaeng and Honcheongyo in this game. But the old Blade & Soul was very partial to the ratio of force. 

The clothes given to people who joined to Murimmaeng was really poor. So, whenever players go to the battlefield, Honcheongyo was dominated there. Because of this, users of Murimmaeng couldn’t complete the force quest. But at that time, one leader of allies of Murimmaeng started to gather players to make at least one channel which newbies of Murimmaeng can do force quest. 

At that time, I was a member of Murimmaeng who achieved full level of 36 and embarrassed about that situation. But players asked us to gather in Hyeolpung Desert (battlefield for force). 

I was playing in Dungeon at that time, so I just looked at the force chatting. But one player kept ordering to me to come to channel 4 of Hyeolpung Desert. So I went there, but it was almost done. I just thought few players would gather, but it was huge. Every player shouted “Banpungbokuncheoksamyeolma!” (It is a slogan of Murimmaeng) through general chatting, wearing the clothes of Murimmaeng. It looked really great. I felt I’m playing real MMORPG. 

On that day, so many Murimmaeng members were gathered with blue as I thought all of them are gathered there. I still remember the scene. I took a screenshot, but it is sad that it disappeared when I changed my computer. 

Figure. Screenshot of Blade & Soul


The third one is Battle of Asakai on Even Online. 

It was an event that one-click mistake of one player led to 4,000 players war. There is a giant fleet called Titan. It is a huge fleet which takes few months to make and few weeks or few months to grow one character who can drive Titan. Production cost is also pretty high. 

But one user drove Titan one day and his click mistake made fleet warp in the middle of planet of enemy force. At that time, two forces were tense. But suddenly Titan level fleet was arrived in the middle of camp, so it was a big emergency. So, the player tried to destroy Titan and at the same time, asked members around for a help. The force who owned Titan was embarrassed, and they put every power to protect Titan. 

In a flash, it turned into a madhouse and a huge war broke out with 4,000 players gathered. After all, the party owned Titan won at the battle, but the damages of both sides were about KRW 28,000,000. 

Figure. Screenshot of the Battle of Asakai in Even Online – Just one click mistake resulted in this!!!


Q. Laiquia feels more friendship and more angry in the game than in reality. And you drew the players who share warm affection while pushing and pulling each other in the extra story 2 of Christmas. What do you think about the friendship in the game? 

A. It’s fun. In a way, relationship online and in reality is very different, but sometimes very similar. It is not the matter of more light or more heavy. Since it is online, there would be more fun relationship or more hard relationship. An online friend is not lighter than real friendship. A real friend is not deeper than online friendship. To be honest, I think it is very shallow. In the old days when there was no mobile phone, there were often relationships that would end if one player didn’t access the game. When I played the Legend of Darkness, I usually checked the list of friends and sent whisper whether they were accessed one by one. I also promised with friends about the time for access. It was a relation that could only exist in the game. 

Since the relationship could easily break, I think we were more desperate to hold on each other. This kind of phenomenon is much less these days. Hooray for Twitter, hooray for mobile phone. 

Figure. Extra story 2 of Christmas uploaded in Ruliweb


Q. What is the origin of the name Raiquia? (Please explain this more detailed) 

And I think I’ve heard other names, too. Appetizer, Isleigh… what does that mean? And where do you get the idea for naming? 

A. I had to decide the name of main character, but I couldn’t think anything. So I asked to my friends for a help. But they just made fun of it, and made more fantasy name by adding few letters on their nickname. 

They even changed my nickname Gaechaban to Charbanneu… So, I just thought que sera sera and made Raiquia. It is made by one friend named Raqui. 

For Appetizer, I just thought ‘well, shall I make the name of other characters? First of all, make the name of female character as an appetizer’. So I just made it as Appetizer. The reason why it is not Eppetizer is that I thought “appetizer” was the right pronunciation. Perhaps Appetizer thought like this and made the character. For Isleigh, when I played Zomboid, I always built the camp in the place called ‘Isolated House’. I really liked the nuance of Isolated, so I just made the name as Isleigh. 

What’s interesting is that the word of ‘isolate’, which is the current form of ‘isolated’ means isolate. I think it makes sense given that what Isleigh did to Raiquia. 

For Katana, I planned to make the name as sword since he makes the sword. But I thought that he had a daughter who is middle school student, so I thought his daughter could make the name. Since his daughter was middle school student, just like 2nd grader in Japanese… Katana! So I made this name.  

When Katana asked daughter to make cool name related to sword, his daughter just said “Katana Daisuki”. So he used this name. That is the setting for her name. 

For Tinan, one of my friends made this. It is the character name of my friend. 

For MerryMerry, I used to listen to the Christmas carols at that time, so I made this name. I think it is the most difficult to make name! I sometimes make the name after the title of song. 


 Figure. Main characters of - From the top to clockwise direction, Raiquia, Katana, Tainan, Iseight


Q. The drawing of Raiquia is slightly different from Ruliweb. Did you make some changes?  

A. At first, it was a boyish image. Then he is becoming a youth. This part… I didn’t mean to make change, but I just changed it according to my taste. As I draw Isleigh, it was becoming more tough… so sneakily and gradually.. I try to change it more soft again. 


Q. I think other characters are changed a little bit… What kind of concept did you apply? 

A. I changed them to draw more easily or to give more features. I saw some comments saying that readers are confused about the characters. For example, Tinan is changed to have forelock hair that rose as high as her pride. 


Q. I’ve heard that the gender of Raiquia is not open yet, and you don’t plan to open it. Is that a unisex concept? ^^

A. I thought it would be more fun not to know the gender. It is like boy and sometimes like a girl. The cartoon may feel very different depending on what gender readers think of Raiquia. 

This part is interesting. It feels like reading two cartoons!

Q. There are some readers who asked to permit the Tweetbot of Katana. In fact, unofficial Tweetbot of Katana is really active. What do you feel about this? 

A. That’s interesting and cute! I’m following that. It’s amazing.


Q. There are many readers who said that Tinan is very cute. How do you feel about character Tinan? ^^

A. It is the most fun when Tinan appears. Very cute and feisty. She does everything what she wants and has a bitter tongue. Sometimes, she showed hot temper. When she is happy, she shows it as it is, and when she gets angry, she acts as it is too. She never does something she doesn’t want to. 

She used to follow Raiquia, longing for it. Tinan has a huge roman about the named in the game. She wants to be it. 

Do you know Yonggae of Wow? If Tinan did Wow, she would follow Yonggae. 

Now, she is following Raiquia, saying ‘Cute and cool bro, our master!’

Q. There are a lot of requests from readers to draw the daily life of realistic characters. It would be fun to have in the form of extra stories. Do you have any thoughts or plans on this? 

A. I’m thinking that I would like to draw realistic aspects, but since it is a game cartoon, I’m focusing on the game currently. 

Yet, I want to leave it on reader’s imagination… I think it is one of fun to think what does it look like? 

But I think I will draw it someday. Roughly~~, so that readers who imagined it don’t disappoint…… 

Q. What do you think of a man who has a character like Isleigh? What if he is on the same side and opposite side.. 

A. If he plays the game on my side, I will play with him by doing concept play. It’s fun. But, if he is enemy or plans to use me…. I will beat him. If it happens in reality, I will beat him too. 


Q. I don’t think you have many characters, but they are gradually increasing. Are you thinking about the maximum number of characters? 

A. I didn’t set the specific number, but I think I will make it just like select window of character in the games such as The King of Fighters, League of Legend or Cyphers. I will increase them one by one. I will just instantly show the character so that readers think ‘Uh, this character is that one! I think it is the process of removal of the embargo. Now, I dig to Hillder Guild! 


Q. Are you planning to draw more attractive character?

A. Of course. But I already made too many characters, so I will use them all first. Well, characters who seemed to be an extra may appear again with attractive setting! Just like Leon!  


Q. I think Isleigh, who was like enemy yesterday, will join to a party for a challenge. Do you mean that there are no eternal enemies or friends? 

A. He is not in the same party yet. The conflict of these two is still ongoing. Raiquia didn’t express, but it is still scared for even contacting eyes of Isleigh. Because bad memories are still remained. I think the main story of the end part of the season 1 would be to completely resolve the pieces of conflict of these two, complex relations around and their previous events. 

Q. Congratulations on publishing Role Play Game in Japan. How long will you publish Role Playing Game? What is your plan? 

A. Thank you! In fact, season 1 will be finished soon. It will be completed with 50 episodes. Season 2 will be developed in the form of small gag episodes just like the beginning part of season 1. While season 1 was about the war such as relationship between main characters and surrounding people or siege warfare, season 2 will be focused on small happenings in the game, game plays, dungeon, boss raid, quest, etc. 

Perhaps, I will draw it until Raiquia stops the playing. ^^


Q. These days, there are platforms like battle comics, MXM and raven webtoons. Do you want to try cartooning of actual game someday? 

A. Of course! It would be really fun. But I think it will take a lot of time in preparation if I draw real game cartoon. Because I need to play the game first. 

I think… I should have five fell levels and see the endings more than 10 times… ㅎㅎㅎ


Q. You answered for most of comments from fans in ASK.

Why did you replay so sincerely?

A. It’s so grateful. I really appreciate they enjoyed my cartoon and talked about the questions. It is very pleasant to me. I really like to hear the word of ‘It’s fun’ and comments about my cartoon. It doesn’t matter if those are critics, praise, appreciations or cheering. Sometimes, I feel really excited when I receive unexpected questions, 

I can think ‘Uh, so? Why? Is that so? Doesn’t it make sense?, and it is really fun to talk about the process of thinking together. It makes me feel thanks since I think they really read my cartoon.  


Q. There are many fans who like Katana. He has the concept of middle-aged man who really likes the game even though he is not familiar with computer. Is there someone like him? ㅎㅎ 

A. When I played Blade & Soul, there was one man with an ID called Wangdeoiji Samgyeopsal. He was very famous with no manner because he always killed and beat every player even though we told him not to do that. One day, I was sad since my character was beaten and killed by him. So I asked him ‘Hey! Why do you do that!’. Then he answered after a while. 

“It’s fun”. It was futile and funny. So, I told him “Then, wait a moment. I will change my skill for PVP. And let’s fight again”. He said yes, but he didn’t attack me. No matter how many times we told him not to do, he never listened! So, I changed my skill and played 1:1 fighting each other. I told him “It’s fun ㅋㅋㅋ”, and then he answered “It’s really fun” Since then, whenever we met, we had fighting and I asked him to go to dungeon with my fixed party members. He is really funny. He is a slow hitter, so he got a lot of typing errors and wrong spelling. One day, he didn’t do anything even though the tanker entered in front of boss. So I waited him, and then he sent me the message like this “To catch him, I should enter the first. That is the easiest way”. 

He was kind of crazy. This memory remained so interesting, so I put a similar character in my cartoon. 



3. Finish


Q. Where do you get the idea of storytelling or game play? 

A. I collaborate with authors who are close to me through Skype. We usually have a chat. When I wrote the story, people around me talked a lot about games. They are really talkative… ㅋㅋㅋ

We talked about game like “Do you know this event in Lineage?” or “Did you do raven play like this?” for few hours. And such things are naturally becomes a source. 


Q. What are good things about being a webtoon author? 

A. Nitpicking of my mom and back smashing have been gone!!! She doesn’t nag that much and really likes me, saying ‘Buy this for me! Buy printer for me! Buy chicken!”

And most of all, I can spend money on games. 


Q. Is there anything you want to say to those who want to become a webtoon author? Honestly, what kind of preparation do they need? 

A. Just draw. If you think it would be fun, just draw about it then. Zola man is ok. And the upload it on anywhere. There’s a huge difference between thinking on your own and feeling that someone is watching or reading. 


Q. What kind of mindset should they have?

A. If you think you really want to draw this story, you should draw it. You shouldn’t be under other’s control. I think we should draw what we want to. No matter the story is fun or not, if we draw something we don’t want to, the cartoon has no fun. 

If you think this episode is really boring and has no contents and wonder its reason, you can add its reason on the next episodes. Cartoon can’t always be fun. I think if one episode is not interesting, the other episode would be fun. I think it is important to draw cartoon steadily. And we have to have thinks to readers who read our cartoon even though it is not perfect. 


Q. What are the conflicts between realistic and ideal problems?

A. Of course, it is time and money. I think there is anything I can do in this part… 

I drew cartoon while working as a part-time in convenience store which was relatively quiet. 

I put the box on the floor and drew cartoon with my laptop and tablet. But it was quite good. The working time passed so fast… Or it is good to set the time for drawing. You can just draw cartoon for 2 hours every day. 

You can just draw whenever you have time, not to overtax yourself. If you overwork and increase the quality, you will suffer from physical fatigue… no one pays you for it. 

This part is really hard one, so I can only tell you to cheer up. 

Everyone, cheer up! 

Q. Online game in Korea rules over the world. It occupies 10% of MS (market share) in the world even though it is quite decreased these days. What do you think is the strength of our games? 

A. Of course, online MMORPG or MORPG games. I think there are no countries where online games are as good as Korea. It maybe because I only played online game in Korea… ㅎㅎ There are all kinds of things. 

I sometimes impressed about the graphic of online game. There are so many games with excellent graphic. It’s amazing. I’m really exciting. 


Q. Despite of all these strength, what are the shortages? 

A. Operations. Even though it is really a good game, but it sometimes fails because of the operation. Since the game company is a company, so I think it is an inevitable problem. They didn’t mean to make it with no fun. It is quite shame, but there is nothing I can do. We can just enjoy the game as it is, and find other games. But sometimes I feel a lot of lack of the game, which is really fun, but makes me not to play. 


Q. If you are a game developer, what kind of online game do you want? 

A. I want to make a large-scale online game like Sandbox or Minecraft. Dug into the ground by myself, find materials to build house like Lego and find the entrance of dungeon by exploring on my own… At first, there’s nothing but plain and forest. Of course, you can divide the initial village into several places and install the warp place directly. You can write the name of warp gate through keyboard directly when warping! The feeling to build the house and install the warp for the first time under the deep into the ground or in the middle of wide plains or forest… Ch!

Full of romance and roman… Even though there would be various problems such as blocking path in reality. It’s fun just thinking about it. 


Q. There are a lot of various peripherals for game maniacs. There are also equipment we can’t even imagine such as oculus, clothe we wear directly or gloves. What kind of equipment do you want the best? Why? 

A. I really want to have Oculus, but it is impossible due to the motion sickness… In fact, I want to have really good computer rather than new apparatus. And 9 monitors on it… Ch.


Q. Can I ask you a personal question? I’ve heard that you drink boiled red ginseng. What do you usually do to take care of yourself?^^

A. I love healthy food, especially red ginseng. In fact, I don’t like work out, but I’m crazy for healthy food. These days, I’m taking two pills of vitamin every day. (Ah, I want to eat red ginseng.)


Q. Do you have any philosophy regarding your cartoon? Of do you have something you tried to keep? 

A. My philosophy is to draw what I want to as I told you the above. 


Q. What is your favorite hobby?

A. Of course, it is a game. Game is the best. I want to play a game. 


Q. Well, it’s not exactly how it work, but how do you plan on your life? For example, you will get married in early 30s and have a 1 baby ~~~

A. Living without a plan is my life plan. Life is so spectacular to live by having specific plans. 


Q. It’s quite awkward, but do you have a girlfriend?

A. Hold out something without saying… Author Gaechaban answered, I’m dating on this. I get this in Japan this time...ㅋㅋㅋ....He is… 4D....


Figure. Author Gaechaban sneakily holds out ramen he bought in Japan, saying he falls in love with Ayanami Ray. Amazing...^^;;


 Q. What do you really want to draw about in the next work or in the future?

A. I want to draw about Sandbox game cartoon or zombie story. I have something in my mind, but it is secret. I really want to draw Sandbox cartoon in 4-cut format. Or I want to draw game fantasy or classic fantasy. 


Q. What do you want to say to those who want to be an author?

A. Cheer up!!  You can do it. I did it too, so there is no reason you can’t do it!!! Cheer up. There’s a lot of platforms these days…


Q. What do you think about the future of webtoon?

A. These days, various webtoon related businesses are actively carried out such as making drama, movie, animation or game based on the webtoon. 

I’ve heard that Korean webtoon is so popular in USA enough to have webtoon events there. But I think it is more important to develop the Korean market firmly first. 

It is still new market. 


Q. If you have a change to interview another author, who would you like to try? Who would you work with?

A. Author Gaehoju who is drawing LOQP and Flutter Watch. This author…. is really genius in gag erotic Manga. Really…ㅋㅋㅋ

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