We are 'office workers' - The Webtoon, 'Gauss Electronics'

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We are 'office workers' - The Webtoon, 'Gauss Electronics'

Kyung-Suk Jo

My childhood dream was a 'career woman'.The comic book that taught me about a career woman at that time was . The main character of is 'Sumire' who is a career woman working at a press company. Sumire is an intelligent girl who has graduated from both Tokyo University and Harvard University, and she goes through a successful career at her work. Sumire, who is always dressed in clean suits and works meticulously, is regarded as a cold woman with no blood or tears from her colleagues. But Sumire is a very moral character who is attentive to others and she doesn't speak gossips of other characters carelessly. 



▲ Manga 'You're Pet'

I vaguely dreamed of becoming like Sumire when I was young, but the reality wasn't easy after I became an adult. I made a mistake many times even when I tried to pay close attention to work. Moreover, there were other times where I couldn't finish things perfectly albeit the fact that I had played my part very well. I had realized that not all things end well at work even if I am proficient at my own work. No matter how committed I was to not gossip about my colleagues, I naturally opened up my mouth when my feelings got piled up.


Despite that it would've been more stressful for Sumire because she was in a whole different industry, I couldn't find anyone like Sumire in my company. No one, whether male or female, could work well by him or herself. I thought it was strange at first, but as I got more used to the company, the seniors who were skillful at their work in a different sense were noticeable. They carried out their jobs often with consideration of others rather than based on their own abilities. They have attended to the troubles of their colleagues, did not abuse their powers at work and listened carefully to what the superiors or the customers wanted. The people who were good at listening did well in work.


This is similar to the company that is depicted in the webtoon, < Gauss Electronics>, which has long been loved by many employees. is a major local company that appears in the webtoon. The office worker characters who work at Gauss Electronics in the webtoon all have qualifications that are just as competent as Sumire's, but their lives are very trivial. They resemble the lives of normal office workers in which people have to secure spare time to develop themselves and wish to leave at the regular time without caring about their superiors.


▲ 'Gauss Electronics' Season 4 246

What's interesting in is that there are no evident staffs who are either exceptionally good or bad at their work. Everyone makes mistakes and even the elite staff who presents the new strategy to the executive isn't always 'smart'.(He is often used as an element of comedy by making him present an originally bizarre solution that is in contrast to his cool analytical skills .)Moreover, the character, 'Ko Deuk-jeom' who seemed like he could do everything perfectly, suddenly decides to move to an unstable start-up company, leaving the readers not just shocked, but with many questions.


Despite that there could be both troublesome bosses and respectable leaders in , there isn't any boss character who always acts like a hero or a villain. Although there could be a dull junior staff character, there isn't a single dark character who is full of malice. Each character has its own strengths and weaknesses and works as a member of the imaginary company. The reason why Gauss Electronics could still be running without collapsing is not because of one remarkable person in the webtoon. Yet, it's rather the unnoticeable characters like 'Na Mu-myeong' who maintain their position to keep the company running.


The episodes of that are neither positive nor negative clearly reflect the daily emotions of office workers. makes us face the reality by escaping from our own perspectives and it allows us to approve of ourselves who are working on a daily basis without getting into big troubles. When I look at the dumbfounded characters of who I can't dare to hate, I end up reflecting upon myself who still get confused in the community life sometimes. The webtoon warmly conveys that it is okay even if I haven't become the perfect career woman. Maybe this is why could have received people's love for such a long time.

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