Where is the end of this romance? <Feel good to die>

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written by Goldkiwibird was published on Daum webtoon, and awarded 'the 2015 Today's our manga prize'. suggested a new perspective on the masculine and romance that women want in which the existing romance genre has been transformed to suit the sensibilities of the modern age.


Where is the end of this romance?

is a story in which the main character Lee Ruda involves in a weird incident with her section chief, Baek who is 'frugally and very mean'. One day, when someone explodes the hatred towards the section chief Baek, the incident that Baek dies in reality happens. It is already weird as it is, but more surprisingly, the day repeats if Baek is dead as if a time leap occurs. Lee Ruda tries to stop the abnormal time leap but she cannot find the solution.

Who are the characters of this romance?

If follows a standard of romantic comedy, the incidents which occur when Mr. Baek dies will be solved when the hero and heroine fall in love with each other. However, the main female character Lee Ruda and male character Baek falling in love with each other looks not easy, and it will be difficult for the readers to agree. Baek's verbal violence is at a level where every woman would clench their fists, so Lee Ruda's anger against him has already sympathized with the female reader.

Once someone hatred towards Baek, he dies, and the same day repeats.

In romantic comedies where the love of women and men is the main theme, the worse relationship between the two main characters forms, the more enhanced the dramatic effect of making love occurs. This has been repeated many times in Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice, etc., and it is a formula of love derives from an incident caused by misunderstandings and its resolutions.

To recall, in , Darcy was only an arrogant and unlucky noble to Elizabeth. But we should remember the image of Tsundere (cold outside and warm inside personality) Darcy, who becomes lovely every time the prejudice disappears. The character of a self-conscious heroine and a male hero who is in a high position and rude to deal with her coincide in . The strengths of Baek of did not yet stand out, but it may be possible to convince the reader if such various aspects appear. However, the important thing is, there exist 200 years between the period where Darcy lived and the time where Baek lives. Can readers of accept Baek as the hero of the romance genre? Or does the artist Goldkiwibird intends to repeat a genre of romance such as Pride and Prejudice?

New romance possibilities created by destroying romantic comedy formulas

At this point, the time leap is an important motif that can review Baek's words and behaviors. If you can see the situation repeatedly, it is possible to see Baek's words from a three-dimensional angle. Describing a character's reaction when faced with different environments in a work physically requires a lot of volume and time. This expression is a burden for both the writer and the readers, but time leaf can relieve the burden by repeating the same environment with different angles.

Since you already know most of the flow, you only need to capture the changed parts and check the changed reactions of the character, so that can express simple and compact character's three-dimensionality. Even if Baek is a bad apple, looking at it in three dimensions through repeated situations may eventually show a better appearance, true nature, and the essence, which may later appear as a dramatic reversal. However, in countless time-leaps, the person Lee Ruda likes is a different one, so it is unpredictable a dramatic reversal like Baek's reform, reconciliation with Lee Ruda, and love.

Can Lee Ruda, who understands the context of time leap, be the winner of this game?

Lee Ruda’s quest revitalizing Baek

It's unpredictable because is following a formula of a romantic comedy, but the inherent meaning doesn't just indicate love between a man and a woman. Time-leap keeps Lee Ruda's favorite romance staying in place, so the quest to save Baek must be successful. More importantly, though, Lee Ruda is actively and subjectively pioneering her life in the course of her time-leap. On the contrary, by experiencing time leap and actively confronting Baek's words and behavior without worrying about tomorrow, Lee Ruda could liberate from the time leap, and her future becomes more progressive. Thus, it suggests that active and subjective action is necessary for a better future rather than being patience doing nothing.


She can stop Baek's death and time leap as soon as she actively fights against his verbal violence.

Time Leap for a Better Life and Humanity

Also, the movement for Lee Ruda's better future is not limited to developing a personal romance. After several time leaps, she could rush on Baek when he says the wrong words and actions to prevent the death of Baek, but it is not a fundamental solution. Therefore, Lee Ruda tries hard to find out what is causing Beck's verbal abuse by trial and error. Lee Ruda's struggling began with hatred toward Beck and was an inevitable choice for her future, but could be seen as a process of communication that resolves the conflict. Perhaps the “romantic” set by the artist, Goldkiwibird, is of a larger category than the love between men and women. In a romantic comedy, the relationship between the male and female characters is conflictive, but they open their hearts to each other and communicate and understand and fall in love. Males and females, new and old generations, wealthy and poor. There are too many conflicting relationships in the world. However, could it make our society more romantic if people really communicate with each other, rather than just having a prejudice against each other? If the way to make the world romantic is related to getting out of time-leap, how can we not support her?

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