Well-made fiction and harmony of universal life <Denma>

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The artist Yang Yung-Soon debuted in 1995 with the Grand Prize at the Adult Comic Weekly Magazine, 's New Manga Competition.


Yang Yung-soon soon received attention as an emerging artist in the field of comics at the time, and he was called “genius” or “alien”. His stable and beautiful drawing skills and unique wit attracted the readers. Even during the unstable period when cartoons were advancing from publishing to the web, he made his works without a break and seemed to be successfully moving to Webtoon. However, publishing full-length toons were not smooth, so he lost many fans due to the continuous incomplete works. Since then, the ambitious return of the space opera genre, , has made the name of Yang Yung-soon reappear in readers' minds. Yang Yung-soon's is a work in which both his viewpoint about arts and his life are in harmony and shows what 'fun' he wants to show in his works.


The title Genius and self-examination as an artist

Yang Yung Soon splendidly debuted with , . Yang Yung Soon splendidly debuted with , .  The title “genius” that followed him since his debut proved to be a special nod to anyone who saw his work. In particular, his character stylishly depicted the realistic human body and symbolic face, which was not commonly found in the deformer of Korean comics at the time and was elaborate and skillful, so no one disagreed to call him genius. , were made aiming at Adults, but focused more on humor and episode type. The turning point as an artist came to him with the pledge to make full length toons. Since the name Yang Yung-Soon had already functioned as a genre, self-innovation was not essential. However, he tried to fill in what he thought was lacking instead of self-replicating. He dreamed of transforming himself into a storyteller that provides continuous fun from a genius who was full of fresh materials and drawing skills, and began its execution.

Constant obsession with interesting works
According to an interview with Yang Yung-Soon, he felt complex emotions in Webtoons, which were created by new generations while cartoons were updated to the Web. He was in awe of seeing new artists who created new grammar and had excellent storytelling skills but also steadily and sincerely publish the series. In the advancing comic world, there was fundamental anxiety about how to live without losing his job. Perhaps the transformation as a storyteller was an inevitable choice to migrate to Webtoons. In addition, Yang Yung-Soon realized that 'steady' and 'promise' were the most important fun in the series comics if he had thought that 'fun', which he had focused on, was new, exciting and extraordinary.

Denma, The synergy between life and SF imagination

Denma is composed of several stories about a Quanx, who had the ability of mass equivalent substitution ability, was trapped in a body of a 12-year-old child, Denma, by brain shear scanning. Denma does not understand why he was trapped in a kid's body and what kind of person he was, so it's interesting to solve mysteries with readers. Furthermore, the story is evolving as a grand space opera, to solve the mystery about Denma because the relationship between the space courier company SilverQuick and the special powered Quanx and conspiracy to hold space supremacy is intertwined. is a complex mix of scientific and religious ideologies that make up the world of the work, making it difficult for readers to concentrate on the fun of the work, but the fun that Yang selected is not an understanding of the difficult and complex worldview. The search on human life is the fun he ultimately desires to show in Denma.

After all, a story about life

Denma takes the omnibus format, which characters from around the world surrounding Denma tell their stories. of the omnibus tells the heartbreaking love story of Edel, a priest of religion believing Taemo-God, and

deals the story of father's life who stands the weight as a head of household in silence. Ziro who appeared in seemed not able to regenerate, but it shows the process that he stands upon the darkness.

In this way, shows themes and clues that penetrate the whole story through various omnibus stories, and tells various human groups and their lives through various characters. Characters appearing in a special worldview and unique and complex settings refer to things that anyone in Korea living in the 2010s might be experiencing. Through Idel and Giro, the pains of the young generation, the weight of the head of the Republic of Korea through Figure, and the relationship between society and the individual through Dr. God, and tell what must be sacrificed in them. After all, is deeply imprinted in the reader's mind to deal with human relations, love, pain, relationships, everything about life.

A work that will represent Yang Yung-Soon as an artist,

Which of the numerous cartoons and webtoons for the public will be awarded? This question is not only for the artists but also for many readers. Sometimes the judges who need to assess a large number of works are not free from this question. My answer as a Comics/Webtoon critic is it. Of many works, which one is exploring the universal origin of mankind. What works can receive universal empathy, and is the story going for it? I select works that raise this question and those that can answer. That's the main factor that the content of the story has been pursuing for a long time, and that is what the author wants to say through the work and is the subject. Also, the sense of the subject is the point of victory for long storytelling. Thus, , which pays attention to human universal life, will be a representative work in filmography in which Yang Yung-Soon grows as an author from a genius rookie.

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