Navillera - Beauty of a Challenge

탁정은 | 2020-02-17 17:47
Everybody is faced with a moment in their life that needs to be challenged. But how do we respond to such challenges we face? Some may jump in straight away, but there also will be a hesitant person. Then why do we hesitate? That's because challenges always come with failure. And here is a man who is going to challenge himself.


For him, who is very ordinary and can be seen everywhere, every day is just a repetition of every day, and there is no big difference. Getting old, naturally, permeates his everyday life, and sometimes he takes farewells calmly. But what remains on one side is the craving for newness.

 Just as most people choose what they must do, from the two choices of what they want to do and what they must do, the people around him have also chosen to do what they must do over what they want to do. Moreover, what big difference would a seventy-year-old old man have? But there is still a passion in him. Even if it is not a blazing fire, it is so stupid to extinguish it. So he meets the challenge to make that ember a fire.


But a challenge is not easy. Moreover, what he challenges is a lot harder to enter than he thought. A ballet. Usually, ballet is a genre that requires learning from childhood, practicing for a long time, and going abroad if necessary. In addition, to do ballet, you have to have the proper physical strength, and above all, you need a teacher to teach you. In a landscape of such difficulties, he never ceases to be challenged.


Many webtoons deal with a topic of challenge. But how many webtoons deal with the challenges of old age? There are many webtoons that talk about the challenges of youth. Maybe it's natural. The time of challenge that we think is young, and it is the age that can rise again even if it fails. But old age can also be challenged. That's why this webtoon is special. In addition, there is another challenging character, and the contrast between them, I expect it will add the interesting factor in the story line.