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When you have an invisible roommate.
AUTHOR : Jeongseo
STATUS : Completed

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This was nothing short of a masterpiece. It has to be rewarded with a good review. Although I say those words, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the story was favourable to me. I hate things that don’t end well but I do love when it is well written, even if the ending wasn’t what I wanted it to be. In this story, there was no other way. It had to be written like that and I am very much satisfied. I don’t think this webtoon will bring any regrets. The number of episodes is the appropriate amount for this story, though. It shouldn’t be for only a few episodes but at the same time it shouldn’t be for a lot.

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Transparent Cohabitation is a story of a ghost and a woman – Jun and Yuri – who fell in love with each other but couldn’t feel the warmth of each other’s touch. Yuri has the ability to see ghosts. Having that ability, she considered it as a burden. Her ability brought her nothing but pain and again with meeting Jun. Falling in love with a ghost, it was hard for her because he’s someone she can’t touch and for him vice versa. But even with their situation, they still feel each other. It might be their heart tricking them. That was how strong their feelings are for each other. To me, I don’t think they loved each other, though. I mean, they did feel affection for each other but the story didn’t emphasize on that affection as love. It was more like two people filling up what each other is looking for. Jun was lonely and Yuri was depressed. And in the end, gratefulness is what their feelings concluded. To be honest, when I started reading this webtoon, I was intrigued. But as I go on reading, I lost that feeling. It felt as if it was hard to read on because it doesn’t interest me anymore so I put reading this webtoon on hold. But several days later, I went back to reading it and I felt sorry that I abandoned it. I shouldn’t have done that. I think the mid-part of the story could’ve been made better.

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When it comes to the art of this webtoon, it was dark. They filled it with strong, solid colors and was meant to look like that in order to mirror the storyline. The characters were well-drawn and were given personalities appropriate for their role. I love how the faces are expressive and detailed so it makes it easy for the readers to understand what they are feeling. The emotions are justified by how the artist draw their faces. There are characters that I loved and hated when reading this webtoon and I guess that is evidence that the creator did a good job with how the roles of the characters were executed. It made me angry, made my heart break, brought me to tears, made me feel happy and so much more. This webtoon is dancing all over my emotions. The ending made me angry but I soon realized it was the right call. Their closure was so sudden and their last moments were painful to read and his eyes in the end made me shed tears. This isn’t a story of romance but a story of sadness, more specifically, it’s a story of getting through sadness.

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This webtoon focused on dark themes such as depression and loneliness which are serious topics nowadays but what’s good is that all those were resolved in the end of the story. To end my review, I would like to say, this story was painful. It was. But as I’ve said, it was well-written which makes it worth reading. The ending was beautiful even though it wasn’t what people like me expected. Good news though is that a volume 3 is being sold where, I’ve heard, the writer gave them a chance to be with each other. Bad news is it’s only sold in Korea and has no English translation. I guess I have to study the language now and go to Korea to purchase the book. I still can’t get over this webtoon. I have to steer clear of sad webtoons for the time being but for those who haven’t read this should start reading. I’m looking forward to more of writer Jeonseo’s webtoons!