Charm | 2020-12-28 15:33

Sia is a modern-day vampire who absorbs energy from humans by touching them instead of drinking their blood. She has been desperate to touch Jiho since the day he moved in next door -- but he's a germaphobe. Will Sia best his mysophobia and get to touch Jiho?
STATUS : Completed
AUTHOR : massstar 

When you think of vampires, you mostly get the idea of an era during the early times. They have this sophisticated looks with nothing to expect, attractive and irresistible charm, insanely rich as the time goes by and the most commonly known idea of vampires are their curse of thirst for human blood. But what if there is a different view or perspective towards blood sucking vampires? This story is about how vampires evolved as time passes by and live together with humans and maybe fall in love with each other. 

In this story, modern vampires found a way to feed themselves on the demure side. Instead of being brutal, they have developed a new and decent way without sinking their teeth and avoiding death as possible. This is by touching and absorbing human energy as much as they can to survive.4 

Sia Lee, is a model that is actually perfect because of his vampiric features. She is the epitome of what we so called “the one who has everything” type. The looks, the body, the fame, you name it. Her character may seem to have it all but still she has a life full of restrictions. As the story goes by, you thought you know her characteristics consistently with how they tell her story but, in the end, there was a certain twist in her personality. I like how they thought of the twist in her story because typically you would think a vampire does clearly have it all without any conflict which you certainly expect on every vampire themed story and in this one it is a big friction and will keep you wonder on how you will give a better solution to overcome such problem in her character. She is a one-of-a-kind character that is eager and consistent throughout the story and has a great background that supports her personality.

Jiho Shin, a human who is a writer and has an extreme mysophobia due to his past and which I think is considered as a trauma which led him to be unable to socialize and go outside. He secludes himself most of the time because of his phobia. His character is quite interesting, unique and difficult because both emotionally and behaviorally acts hand in hand with his given background in the past. Although the only thing that I wanted to know more is about his mother and how is his relationship with her. It was instantly dismissed after one meetup and after that nothing ever came up and I wished that it was explored more. HIs character changed gradually because of an unexpected presence that caused to overcome his phobia.

Untouchable is a fresh concept of the vampiric stereotype and I am very pleased with the creativity of this story. From the personality of the main characters to the supporting characters, each has a lot of contribution in the whole story. Usually, one character would show up and then they would never show up in any chapters and be gone but this is kind of different as it has both main and supporting characters coexisting in the beginning of the story up until the end. There was actually a flashback incident that made me worried about not knowing on what happened to that particular situation but later as I was about to reach the end it was brought back to light and I was really satisfied on how the issue was explained and how it was resolved at the end of the story. It is really well thought out and this is what I can say one of the beautifully unexpected turn out as it has a dark and light characteristic impact to me as a reader. There is the presence of mysteries in certain characters that you would never think of them having their personal conflict and how it affects their contribution to the whole story. Hopefully there would be a part 2 of this because I am really interested in their future as a couple on how they would overcome their differences and if they would have children what will they be or what will happen, who will have the same powers as Sia or would they be human. Who knows, but over all this is an interesting story and a big thumbs up for me. I enjoyed the flow of the story and the appearance of the character and how every setting is connected to past memories and present happenings.