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“I never thought I’d be with him.”
“I never thought I’d be with anyone else but her.”
She fled the wedding because her fiancé betrayed her. She found it hard to believe in love. Little did she know that two years later, the handsome guy next door, who was once a childhood sweetheart, would quietly return to her side, so tenderly and intimately, and melted the ice in her heart…
STATUS : Ongoing
AUTHOR : Kuaikan Comics

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This is such a good read that I want to pressure the author to release the completed story already. That’s right. I am writing about an ongoing webtoon again. It seems like finding completed webtoons is getting harder and harder. Although it’s maddening to have to wait for an episode to be uploaded weekly, it sure gives me the excitement the moment I see that it’s there. It’s a good thing that I’m busy enough to find the waiting okay.

She May Not Be Cute is a webtoon created by Kuaikan Comics where the plot circles around Anran and Lin Hao. They were childhood sweethearts but that is somehow turning into something real after meeting again or rather one of them have always thought of it as real.

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First off, I like the art. So much. It is so easy on the eyes. Especially on the prologue. The plot is good as well. It’s not really a unique plot but still the creators always manage to make it their own. Just how there are different versions of the Mona Lisa painting but of different artists. They somehow make it their own in their own style. And it’s always nice to read a good mellow webtoon. Like drinking a cup of coffee with a good view. You’ll know what I mean. I don’t really see why it’s such a big deal that they’re a few years apart but I understand some people who think that it is. It may be acceptable to some but not to others. Plus they look like they’re almost the same age.

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I like how the female lead is gutsy and aims to have the upper hand in most situations where she thinks she’s right. I really connect with her haha. The only difference is that she has someone to cook breakfast for her while I don’t do breakfast because I have no time to make them. Sigh. C’est la vie. Overall, this webtoon is such a good read and is a food for a romantic soul. If you’re in for the sweetness that is. I don’t think anything’s wrong when you both love each other. And I never knew “stars” can be viewed in the daylight as well. There is not much to say since the story has yet to progress. Looking forward for more sweet stories from Kuaikan Comics!