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Read Super Secret Manhwa - Mangafast

You know that one close friend who takes care of you as if they were your own mother? For Emma, that friend is Ryan. He’s the boy next door with a super secret – he’s actually a werewolf with a supernatural family. Will he be able to keep up the act hiding his true identity from his long-time friend?
STATUS : Completed
AUTHOR : eon

“Everybody’s got a secret.” If I have to find words that would describe this webtoon, it would be adorable, interesting, sweet, and awesome. Childish as those descriptions may be, they’re the ones that fit the story well for me. When I was little, I wanted to be friends with vampires and werewolves. Funny, right? It’s impossible. But not for Emma. Although, she had no idea at first. This was super fun to read. I read it one night then finished it on that same night. It was a really fun read. Everybody has secrets of their own but this one’s out of the ordinary. It’s a secret that’s hard to believe.

Super Secret | WEBTOON

Super Secret is a webtoon created by eon. The story revolves around the relationship of Emma and Ryan. I read the notes of the author where it says that he/she had always been fascinated with fantasy. So the tales of monsters that we grew up hearing about, he/she brought it to us through this webtoon. Emma and Ryan have a relationship where one’s world revolves around the other. Having grew up alongside each other makes it hard for one to realize their true feelings unless it was pointed out. I loved every chapter, to be honest. The art is playful and the colors are pleasing and light on the eyes. Not to mention, the characters are so adorable. One might mistake them for children but they’re not. I just don’t understand the logic as to how in one family there are different beings. But I enjoyed their differences. It was such an adventure to read. The storyline is not that heavy but it is very much interesting. I have to convince my friends to read this as I do every time I read a good webtoon. I love how the characters are. One is clueless, one is on track, one is reckless, etc. It makes it harder to not read. Every single detail makes you love it more and more.

Afterword | Super Secret | Super secret webtoon, Webtoon comics, Super  secret

I would very much love it if there’d be a separate story for the minor roles as well. Since there are minor roles with potential for a new story. As pointed out by the readers as well. The ending didn’t justify the beautiful story done in the beginning and middle. It ended so suddenly. But apparently, as told by the creator, there was a fixed number of episodes decided for this webtoon so the deadline had to be met. Too bad. I have to cherish this webtoon for a very long time.

Ryan and Emma ❤️ | Super secret webtoon, Webtoon comics, Super secret

Who’s the character I loved the most? Johan. The vampire. Definitely. I don’t know if it’s because I have a soft side for vampires or because the romance between him and Jasmine was heartwarming. I’d say thirty percent the former and seventy percent the latter. A part of the epilogue of the webtoon, their romance began to take over the story. When I read it, I forgot about Emma and Ryan. I wanted to know more of their romance. It’s such a shame that it’s not a long running webtoon. It would’ve been better for it to keep going. It was such an amazing read. I hope to find more similar ones!