Charm | 2021-01-29 12:40

Poisoned to death by her own betrothed?! Eunha didn't wake up in a novel's story just to get killed off again as an unfortunate extra! To change her story she needs a cover: 6 months pretending to be the fake fiancée of the novel's male protagonist, Duke Noah Wynknight. But will this cold-hearted, angel-faced demon of a man really help her avoid another ill-fated ending?! Based on the hit novel.
STATUS : Ongoing
AUTHOR : Milcha, Whale

In our present lifetime and even before, there were always unexplained activities or stories that are impossible to believe. Things like how ghosts came up, people with supernatural abilities and how one can reincarnate to a different life, all of these things came and resurfaced as time goes by unimagined which led humanity came into division of those people who truly believe and those who does not. Thus came the popular phrase, “To see is to believe”. There will always be things that is unexplainable and impossible events and occurrences in the present and will be coming in the future. But what if you came across a lifetime where you are given a chance to relive a life where you know what will happen and be given chance to change everything? 

This story is about a modern kid from Korea who died and was reincarnated into a novel who knows the plot of the story from beginning to end. The difference is while she was given a chance to reincarnate, there was a mystery clinging in the character’s story and everything is slowly changing with her existence knowing every outcome became different.

Eunha, was a modern kid who was waiting for the result of her entry in a prestigious university died because of a stranger who pushed her from the rooftop after learning she got accepted into the school. She then later reincarnated as the novel’s supporting character Raeliana who was destined to die due to her betrothed fiancé slowly poisoning her. I really appreciate the foundation of this character because it is very rich and interesting. How she was able to control her story at her own will because of her knowledge about the story of each characters and how she can play on every situation to come. Although it was really hard to begin due to her back story because she cannot reveal that she knew everything but it was very well thought and it wasn’t rushing. I really am looking forward to her character’s journey in the future chapters of the story and hope to continue on building her character more.

Noah, the duke of the kingdom and was destined to be with the novel’s lead character, Realiana’s best friend, changed destiny because of Eunha’s existence. He has a different background in the story because her mother takes charge of his destiny wanting him to become king instead of his brother who was crowned prince in the beginning. His role in the story was supposed to be well written but then shooked with the appearance of Realiana and a mystery lingering in her existence. What I really wished for him is to have more story behind him as to what he was growing up, the story about his mother and much more to build up his character. I am looking forward to this build up in the future episodes as well as it is still ongoing.

Overall, this story is really interesting as it has a mix of romance and mystery. I was really hooked in the first chapter of the story which is a positive trait for me because a lot of readers especially those who are like me loves it when it stirs up my curiosity at a first read and it actually leaves a great impression at me. There are a lot of supporting characters in this story which is relevant because each has their own color and uniqueness that contributes to the story and I like how it just does not only revolve in the main characters only but to them as well. Again, I wish the creators to pay more attention to Noah so that can get a little bit more richness in his background like Realiana. Maybe in the future he can shine a bit more and not all about Raeliana but we’ll see, maybe I am getting ahead of myself. The story itself is really creative and I like the twists and turns of every situation like how she reincarnated into a body where the soul is still alive and became to villain of the story. I am looking forward for this story to stir up more of the readers’ emotions and curiosity and to continue to create more twists about the history of the plot.