Charm | 2020-10-04 17:16

What happens when the boyfriend is the small spoon and the one stealing hoodies in the relationship? A weekly dose of happiness from our lives to yours.
STATUS: Ongoing
AUTHOR: a r v i e

GOALS. That’s how readers describe this webtoon. Big Small Spoon is a webtoon by a r v i e. This webtoon is her life. Literally. It shows events and occasions that happened in her and her boyfriend’s life. How they live their every day together and surprisingly their life is beautifully interesting and funny which resulted to the love of many readers. This webtoon connects a lot to the readers. Every chapter, a r v i e would leave notes at the bottom for the readers. There she would explain what the chapter was about and ask questions to the readers and read their answers later. This is, by the way, what I loved about the webtoon – the communication.


The stories of their lives were illustrated in the cutest way possible. How the stories go and how they were illustrated go well with each other. From weird stories to sweet stories, everything about them is beautiful. There are several of her chapters that are very relatable. Like how people have weird taste in food combinations and how her best day ever is to pet a dog, like the rest of us, and how they’re adults but are still so childish and especially her being a Filipino so there are some Filipino-related chapters in there as well. I loved how she introduced different Filipino snacks. That won me over in a heartbeat.
This webtoon has no setting whatsoever. There are no backgrounds but you’ll easily have an idea where and what is happening the moment you read them. It only consists of needed illustrations. 

There was a chapter where they made it to thank the readers. The chapter shows their characters reading comments. They were happy with the good feedback and the support but they noticed that the readers were sad because they’re jealous of their relationship. How cute, right? There was a time where they told the readers that if they reach this many likes, James (Arvie’s boyfriend) will draw an episode. It was terrible but it was really cute. They learn a lot from each other as they spend more time together. This is absolutely goals.


There are so many adorable chapters produced by arvie and so much more to come and of course as always, I’ll be waiting for them!